Design furniture manufacturers at Schon Furniture : Good by experience

The development and production of our high-quality design furniture requires a high degree of craftsmanship and design skills. The companies that produce the shapely designer pieces of furniture for Schön Urban Furniture Inc., often bring a large amount of pure handwork into the manufacturing process. This results in handpicked individual pieces and shapely artworks which could be contemporary creation or a timeless classic! These manufacturers work closely together with renowned designers from all over Europe. The many years of experience of these designers is reflected in the designs for designer furniture and accessories. In addition, the individual designers express the joy of experimenting and the love for beautiful shapes and attractive contours. Their inexhaustible pool of ideas is responsible for the versatile products of Schön Urban Furniture Inc..

All designer furniture in Schön Urban Furniture Inc. are made of high quality materials, while our handcrafted manufacturing companies ensure the highest quality standards and maximum flexibility. In the factories of our manufacturing companies each designer furniture is manufactured in many elaborate steps by committed employees. The result is unique pieces with a high standard of design and quality that often last a lifetime.



Bring new design ideas and products - MADE IN GERMANY - which are perfect balance of Innovation, Creativity, Conservatism & Functionality.

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