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GATE BENCH SYSTEM Today Yes, Tomorrow Yes. With link-able modules, GATE BENCH's unique & minimalist design representing Style & Functionality represents European Design at its best. Plenty of Modular Combinations for optimum and spatial seating arrangements for almost any residential or commercial space. The wide top of backrest can be used for storage, usage or even sitting. The seating surface floating above the bottom runners is totally disconnected with the backrest to provide unobstructed accessibility for maintaining easy cleanliness under & around the bench.

Available in plenty of modular combinations, an extra (optional) middle leg (image above) in the 3 wider sizes, without the backrest in the 3 wider sizes of the six Standard Widths: 67, 106, 134, 160, 180 & 201 cms. The steel frame, though most popular in stain and scratch-resistant high-quality Chrome finish can also be ordered in 10 more options and further dozens of Leather & Fabric upholstery options provide you options to plan your favorite space the way you think & like. We will be happy & look forward to help you in exploring the compatibility of GATE BENCH to your design & plans


Bring new design ideas and products - MADE IN GERMANY - which are perfect balance of Innovation, Creativity, Conservatism & Functionality.

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