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As an exquisite natural product, the leather does not resemble the skin of the other, every skin becomes a high-quality, unique piece. The different living conditions of the animals lead to structure drawings, color deviations and growth characteristics. Healed scars, insect bites, hair roots and other drawings not only tell about the life of animals in the wild, but also set charming accents on the surface of the smart material. These signs of life and nature color plays affect neither value nor durability of the KFF leathers. The leathers processed by KFF are free of chromium VI, AZO dyes and are tanned exclusively in Europe [EU]. Furthermore, KFF can confirm that the leather is also underCompliance with applicable environmental and health and safety laws are made. An overview of the certificates can be found here . Below we present you the individual leather and fabric qualities with all their properties.

High-quality upholstery fabric in soft nappa quality with classic leather grain

Due to its lifelike appearance and feel, the material is hardly distinguishable from real leather.


approx. 2% PU finish, 71% PVC compound, 27% BW fabric


Durable, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, easy-care, breathable due to micro perforation

Cleaning and care recommendations

For lasting enjoyment of the Skai material should be a regular cleaning. Soiling due to oils, grease and ink must be removed immediately. Use a warm, mild soapy solution and a microfibre cloth or a soft hand brush. Please no solvents, chlorides, polishes, chem. Use detergent or wax polish. Please note that dyeing by jeans or other textiles is excluded from any manufacturer's warranty.

Be sure to observe the following when cleaning: When using commercially available cleaners, always consider the dosing instructions of the respective manufacturer. In addition, no detergents containing oil or grease should be used. Chemical and dry cleaning is not suitable. Dried or prolonged penetration of substances are only limitedly removable. The surface is not resistant to solvents, chlorides, polishes, wash polishes and aerosol sprays.

In order to extend the life of your furniture, we recommend to use 1 to 2 times a year, a care tailored to the material: » KFF furniture care shop


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